About Us

Our Vision:

Pleasing customers with providing high quality ornamental fish/pets and products for affordable prices and after sales services.

Our Mission:

To inspire customers to take care of fish and other pets in the most lovable way.


1. High customer satisfaction.
2. Creating complete customer trust in our services.
3. To achieve highest standards by streamlining aquaculture practices and technologies.
4. Creating strong rapport with our staff leading to a contented work force at all levels.
5. To be the first choice of customers worldwide.

Who we are:

001 001.jpgspcmanoj

Kosala Sudarma Wijesinghe                                                                                                                                       S.P.C Manoj

Founder/Entrepreneur of Aqua Island                                                                                                                      Chief Operating Officer of Aqua Island

 Since I was a little boy my only interest was about ‘little fish’. So every day after school I used to go to the cannel near my house and used to catch fish with my other elder brothers. It was the favourite moment I loved during the day time.  Somehow with the time being this interest turned into a passion as I grew older and today, I have developed this passion into a career by opening up my own aquarium in Wattala. Currently I have conquered the domestic market as well as made a quite some international bonds with countries like China, Thailand and Singapore. Travelling to different destinations have been one of my favourite interests and whenever I visit a country, I never fail to visit exhibitions regarding ornamental fish and pets.This has impacted me to learn and explore new technologies, trends and so many other interesting facts about fish and other pets. I have branded myself through being one of the sole agents who bring down aquarium and ornamental fish products from China to Sri Lanka. What’s the point in building a business without challenges coming right your way and after all my success story is destined to continue with heaps of challenges and obstacles. Something I’ve learnt in my life journey is that nothing comes in the easy way, you need to go through a majority of trouble to achieve that one thing in life and for me developing my self as one of the successful entrepreneurs in the Sri Lankan aquarium industry is the biggest win.“- Kosala Sudarma Wijesinghe