Our Mission

  • Customer satisfaction first and last.
  • Creating complete customer trust in our services.
  • To achieve highest standards by streamlining Aquaculture practices and technologies.
  • Creating strong rapport with our staff leading to a contented work force at all levels.
  • Continuously upgrading knowledge and experience to create new hybrids as to live bearers, egg layers.
  • To be the first choice of customers worldwide.

Why Us

  • Able to supply healthy top quality fish at short notice.
  • The highest choice range of both freshwater and marine species and varieties.
  • Able to supply requirements at very competitive prices, being bred in our own fish farms.
  • Well trained experienced staff for every aspect from breeding to packing.
  • Ready to supply varieties not generally available here, in smaller quantities.

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We are a recognized exporter and breeder of ornamental fish on the Sri Lankan aquaculture scene with long years of all around experience.

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